Lookbook Boutique Online Discount and Coupon Codes

Lookbook Boutique Online Discount and Coupon Codes - Where To Find Them and How To Use Them!

All Albury and Wodonga customers who would like to buy online but pick up in store can use the coupon code STORE PICKUP at the checkout to take $15 off their purchase to negate the postage costs, just leave us a note or send text to 0412429224 and we'll pack up your parcel and store it for you. 

Here at Lookbook Boutique we try to have some sort of promotion going on each week that will the benefit both new potential customers and newsletter subscribers as well as our amazing existing and regular customers.  

Here are a few examples of our regular bonus's or discount coupon codes

1. Facebook -  Usually between 10% - 20% for NEW newsletter sign ups

2. Spend a certain amount and get an extra percentage off code - current one here - IMADEIT30MORE for spending $300 or more on sale items

3. Free Shipping for randomly selected customers and on minimum purchase amounts

4. Online sales parcels have special thank you brochures and pamphlets inside them for you to use for your next purchase - anything from 10%, 15% or 20% off 

5. Customers who have purchased in the last 3 months and have signed up to out newsletter get weekly specials and/or bonuses emailed to them which also include individual and personalised style suggestions

6. Bigger special online only deals to our newsletter subscribers every couple of months 



1. The deals and discounts change weekly and codes are valid for each promotion time period only - they cannot be carried over to another promotion or time. 

2. Only one discount code/coupon can be used per transaction - for example, you can't use a newsletter sign up "Percentage discount code"  AND a "Spend more than $XXX for extra discount" in one checkout or shopping cart -  If you are lucky enough to have found 2 different discount codes, work out which on you want to use  - either the biggest discount or your preferred sale collection and enter the code into the "Discount Code" field on the checkout page (please make sure yo aren't entering it into the "Gift Voucher Code" 

3. Many codes are automatically generated and are one use only