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About ASILIO - The Exclusives

ASILIO has joined forces with 7 of Australia's top style icons (and ASILIO favourites) to collaborate with them in designing their very own 'dream dresses' to be produced in very limited numbers for sale through selected boutiques. Each one has personally designed their ultimate dress for the season you’ll get to see the design process and the inspiration behind each exquisite piece. One dress per week is being released from August to October - perfect timing for Spring Racing Carnival festivities!

The 7 icons are:

  1. Nadia Bartel 
  2. Bec Judd
  3. Rozalia Russian 
  4. Shiralee Coleman 
  5. Zuo An Xiao 
  6. Lana Wilkinson
  7. Jasmin Howell 

The Nadia Dress

The Rebecca Dress

Rosalie Russian

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Shiralee Coleman

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Zuo An Xiao

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Lana Wilkinson

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Jasmin Howell - Friend In Fashion

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