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$ 59.95 AUD

White Closet Ruffled Sleeve Knit Jumper in Black

$ 89.95 AUD

White Closet Open Back L/S Fitted Knit Midi Dress in Black

$ 49.95 AUD

This is your go-to classic off the shoulder top to wear anywhere and everywhere, everyday, all summer long in crisp fresh white!

SALE 67%
$ 29.95 AUD $ 89.95 AUD

This is a beautiful strapless off the shoulder ball dress with a slight asymmetrical hem. Perfect for any formal occasion or even Christmas day!

SALE 63%
$ 39.95 AUD $ 109.05 AUD

Classic lace fitted halter dress perfect for weddings, bridesmaids, races and events

SALE 73%
$ 29.95 AUD $ 109.05 AUD

Classic lace fitted peplum dress perfect for races and events

SALE 50%
$ 24.95 AUD $ 49.95 AUD

FAST FASHION Reverse Halter Strapless Tunic Top in Blush