Fashion Trends - Pleats To Meet You

Feb 02 , 2016

Fashion Trends - Pleats To Meet You

What does a sun ray, a knife and accordion have in common?

Blog Fashion Trends - Pleats at Lookbook Boutique

They are all types of fabric pleats but more specifically, this is  our newest favourite style to make any gorgeous floaty and oh so luxe feminine piece of clothing out of! Traditionally kept especially for skirts (think dowdy neutral tartan woollen midi, brown v neck sweater, thick tights, flat bulky masculine shoes  - Mrs Doubtfire sort of thing - you get the picture…) the latest sun ray pleat fabrics are featuring in some amazingly romantic soft and sheer tops, pants, culottes and dresses. The best thing is that these lightweight pleated fabrics add volume and not bulk and movement (fabric) is key so these pieces are therefore extremely ‘body friendly’. Perfect for those of us who are still eating like its Christmas!

I am seeing these gorgeous pleats in our labels collections as far away as Spring (up until October so far) so they are here to stay - for a while anyway.

My favourites of the minute in store for Jan/Feb 2016   


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