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Pyjama Dressing - Totally Rated Trend!


Pyjama dressing is a fashion trend that is very close to my heart, it has been on the 'trends list' every year for the past couple of years and it doesn't look like it is going to slow down.  its one of my favourites but maybe not in the same way that it is supposed to be.

For me, it is sort of the opposite, i like to wear things to bed that are every bit as lovely and soft and comfortable as silk satin PJs or a little silk nighty, but i also want to be able to slip on a pair of flats or connies and pop out to the supermarket on the weekends… without looking like I’m about to go to bed.




I totally rate being able to wear your day clothes to bed... I change into my jammies on saturday afternoon and dont get back out of them until monday morning on most weekends, but if i have to go to the supermarket the last thing i want to do is to change into jeans and tee for the trip.  It just breaks the comfy cycle and it can be hard to get back in to.  Even better is if you happen to have a big night and fall asleep on the sofa (whether from a huge party night or a late work night) when you wake up, not only are you ready to go, you look fabulous!





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