Oct 09 , 2015

Take The Plunge

Plunge Necklines

Wearing an outfit who’s neckline plunges down to the centre of your belly button is pretty daunting even for bravest of us boob barers, but for this spring summer 15 tits seriously popular and seriously sexy.

There are three types of plunge and some rules that go with wearing them - the wide plunge, the narrow plunge and the cross over and all have different degrees of difficulties to wear. 

The wide plunge (as the name suggests) is wide and usually starts from the centre of each collar bone and the v point can end anywhere from just below the bottom of your breasts in the centre all the way down to your belly button. Best suited for girls that don’t have big boobs, and a glass of champagne and a few deep breaths are often keys to success when wearing this one! Beware of nipple pokeage or slippage, make sure you have them covered with something like latex nipple sheilds, double sided sticky tape (hair extension tape i find is the best) or strapless stick on cups.  It's sexy seeing cleavage but not so sexy seeing your nipples in the flesh at dinner!
Bec and Bridge Bon Bon Playsuit in BlackBec and Bridge Bon Bon Playsuit in Black
  1. The narrow plunge is pretty much the same as the wide but starts closer together, its not as difficult to wear. all the  above apply.
Bec & Bridge Bon Bon Plunge DressBec and Bridge Bon Bon Midi dress in White
The cross over plunge is a lovely soft alternative to the harder wider plunges, there is still a lot of skin and cleavage but its a bit more discreet having a couple of layers of fabric. Big and small boobs can enjoy this one 

    Viktoria + Woods Shorts and Wrap Jacket

    Bec & Bridge Amour Wrap Plunge Dress

    If you are going to give this fashion forward yet classic and timeless trend a go you have to do it properly or you’ll end up looking silly. 

    So…. THE RULES

    1. DO NOT touch, poke, pull, or fiddle with the fabric of your plunge  
    2. Keep your hands in a natural normal position at all times - not awkwardly trying to cover the entire centre of your body 
    3. Keep your shoulders back  - take a deep breath, repeat your confidence mantra a few times in your head and off you go. Well maybe not totally forget about, have a girlfriend on nipple patrol or glance downwards every 30 minutes or so too make sure you are all in check

    I’m totally up for it, after all, they are only boobs, they can hardly hurt or offend too much.Shona Joy Plunge

    Bec & Bridge Swim


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